Our work:

- Distribute Diamond Pharma products.
- Represent exclusively the international food products companies and import international food products.
- Marketing all sorts of food products.
- Full and professional study for the imported and the national brands.

Human resources are the basis of supporting power in our company as we work with a big team of specialized employees. Moreover our company has a fleet of cars prepared for transporting and distributing all medical and food products in Syria.

The company has 3 main branches in Damascus and its countryside, Lattakia and Tartus.

Our teamwork consists of 120 employees and 37 distributing cars. We perform daily personal visits for all selling points in Damascus and countryside, Lattakia and Tartus. Also we serve all private and public hospitals, malls and shops.

We serve 3950 selling points every week as follows:
- Damascus 3000 shops.
- Lattakia 800 shops.
- Tartus 750 shops.

Our company has 3 warehouses in Damascus, one in Lattakia and one in Tartus, prepared with healthy, technically and international specifications, like temperature, humidity degree and ventilation which helps in storing the medical and food products, in order that the product access the costumer in healthy and perfect state.

How we work:
Present high level of services regarding distributing medical products and various food materials.
1- All representatives are scientifically and professionally qualified, as they undergo a training course (Basic Selling Skills), in addition to a scientific course about all products and competitors in the market.
2- Every representative is provided with all the supporting materials for visiting customers.
3- Billing is done by device (Pocket Pc).

- Permanent attention for innovation, and follow the update in the field of importing food materials.
- Quick solutions for all problems that we might face and which might contradict our attention of the level of service.
- Flexibility in dealing.

Our Goals:
- Make sure our product has high quality and reasonable price.
- Development and expansion of the Syrian market and provide all its needs.

Our Duty:
- To develop and boost ourselves to be always in a permanent improvement and performance development, always keeping in mind customers , personal needs and its values , working daily with insistence and strictly to follow the principles of ethical business .
- To seek and provide different sources for food materials whether from the Arab, European or Asian market taking into consideration the safety, quality and best prices.
- To identify customer needs always to make sure of the company’s ability to meet their needs and expectations.
- Apply a strict system to control the safety of medical and food materials in order to meet the local and the international standards.
- Develop the stuff skills with permanent training to raise their performance.
- Provide the appropriate conditions and services for the employees to increase their belonging and their cooperation in customer services and to improve the work in the company.
- Framing our goals periodically and consider the end of every goal to be a start to the new goal.
- Depending in our services on a principle of commitment to the customers both with the quality of performance or the nature of the products and the quality of the imported ones, and that contributed in gaining the trust of many customers at the local and the international level.